Diary of a disillusioned teacher: jam sandwiches and the jam will heal me

An emotional week, the end is nigh. I end the term by handing in my resignation. This was not an easy decision, the responsibility I feel for my staff team and the small humans i work with is immense, but something’s gotta give.

This is the term that included ‘black Wednesday’ the day that, for the first time in 12 years of employment I left work on the brink of a mental breakdown at 10 am. This is the term that I realised how strong a team I had helped build, but a team that looked to me as their leader, not a role I had intended on taking on. This is the term that I said no. This is the term that the rest of the school seemed to be errupting with unusual behavioural problems, whilst in my little behaviour classroom, the pupils got on with their work and followed instructions. This is the pivotal term in my career. This is the term that convinced me to leave the profession I began training for over 10 years ago. This is THE term.

handing in my notice sparked a blog that ended up published by the TES. I feel more valued now that I have committed to quit and this tugs on my emotional ties to my class. However it will take a lot more than kind words to change my mind.

So today my therapy is this: my dog and I are eating jam sandwiches and dancing around to the Jam and once again I am convinced that me and Mr Weller could be great pals if I were born in a different decade!


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