He is actually home I feel like a fraud

The point of me being a nightshift widow is that the night shift husband be working the nightshift so I am alone and can blog in peace! He has only gone and got poorly. So all my nightshift widowy plans go out the window and I have had to converse and be civil and not watch crap TV.

Nightshift widowing will hopefully recommence as normal soon.

Hi by the way.

I am 29, pregnant, working full time (mostly from home), living in a house which is about a quarter of a way to being a home.

The husband in question is a good un really. And, poor bloke, works 4 nights a week while I sit and twiddle my thumbs or teach Bob AKA Snoop Bobby Dog to roll over.

On the off chance something exciting happens or I have a thought and telling Bob is just not good enough, I thought I might blog about it.

Expect blog posts to be short and most probably pointless. Occasionally I might have something deep and meaningful to say, you never know.

Cheers mind


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