No longer a disillusioned teacher


So previously I did a little , tiny (insignificant) bit of blogging under the depressingly titled disillusioned teacher heading. Written in a time when I basically hated my job. Well not hated my job, hated my place of work, my immediate superior, and the education system in general.

Since April I got the hell out and landed a new job using my other qualification as a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst. I am not going to go into that because, well, dull as dishwater to anyone who isn’t interested in the science of the behaviour of organisms. Anyway suffice to say I gave up loads of holiday to work occasional evenings and weekends as part of my new role but to find a much more stress free and positive way of working. Had a bloody holiday in term time mind!!!!

Anyway that is why the name change and blog change. I cannot promise to be less moany, I am a cynical bitch at the best of times. But I will as far as possible not talk about work too much, I will instead bitch and moan about everything and everyone else. If you do decide to have a read. I hope you enjoy. If no one is reading this, it gives me something to do while the nightshift husband abandons me once again.

Cheers mind


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