Another new job

If you have read previous posts you will see that they made me redundant, the massive meanies! In a desperate attempt to be employed and not live off of toast alone, I have taken a part time job as a teaching assistant up until nightshift baby decides to make his appearance. 

The plus sides are: it is in a school that I have previously worked in, that I loved working in and where I have some friends. It is 10 minutes up the road. It is close to all my midwife appointments. And it is relatively stress and responsibility free.

The down sides are: I have had to take a pay cut meaning I take home a third of what I was previously. So still toast for tea on some nights but not every night! No trips to Waitrose allowed. 

Difficult to go back into education with my tail between my legs after moaning about it so much and being openly a bit smug about leaving. However needs must and I have no shame so will happily hold my hands up and say “I don’t hate you education, I just hate the people who control you”


Happy new year

Here we are January 1st. December 31st was spent watching Harry Potter with Snoop Bobby Dog and NSH. Gurt lush!

An appalling end to last year involved redundancy and sadness for very close friends. I intend on doing my best to be a positive nightshift widow this year.

Other resolutions include:

I will steam the floors and bleach the sink once a week.

I will drink more water.

I will swim more.

I will evacuate tiny human from womb in some shape or form!

I will endeavour to be a good mum.

I will use my behavioural powers for good and not evil!

Merry new year!

Belly expanding at extraordinary rate!


Woke up today feeling like my insides are bigger than my outsides!! Clearly nightshift baby has had a growth spurt and I am yet to catch up. So doing what all baby growing machines should do in this situation, catching up on the trillion films I recorded over the festive season and eating bacon sandwiches! Nightshift husband is painting the nursery.

It’s been lovely having the husband home for the last week and a half. I especially love waking up next to him. Sounds all smooshy I know. But normally he comes in in the morning and if I do go back to sleep I have to wake up all quiet and sneaky so as not to wake him. At the weekend we tend to get up and on with life and Sundays are golf days so he is gone by 7! This last week we have enjoyed lazy mornings of tea and biscuits in bed and it has been magic! I have treasured it because I am aware it is the last time we will be having lie-ins together for a bloody long time, due to impending arrival of nightshift baby (who I am hoping does not live up to his nickname).

Think I shall reward myself for blogging with a mince pie. Can’t start healthy eating on a Sunday that’s crazy talk! 

Generic fried chicken brand for tea

Was out at work til late. Poorly not so night shift husband had to feed the dog and fend for himself. Rather than him suggest cooking me some dinner/tea (whatever your preference) he bought him self a sandwich from the co op. I was shattered driving home so got us KFC…. I hope this baby bump makes a proper appearance soon, as currently I just look like a bit of a chubster buying fast food on a Thursday night, rather than a pregnant woman, who the public dare not judge for fear of facing hormonal rath!

He is actually home I feel like a fraud

The point of me being a nightshift widow is that the night shift husband be working the nightshift so I am alone and can blog in peace! He has only gone and got poorly. So all my nightshift widowy plans go out the window and I have had to converse and be civil and not watch crap TV.

Nightshift widowing will hopefully recommence as normal soon.

Hi by the way.

I am 29, pregnant, working full time (mostly from home), living in a house which is about a quarter of a way to being a home.

The husband in question is a good un really. And, poor bloke, works 4 nights a week while I sit and twiddle my thumbs or teach Bob AKA Snoop Bobby Dog to roll over.

On the off chance something exciting happens or I have a thought and telling Bob is just not good enough, I thought I might blog about it.

Expect blog posts to be short and most probably pointless. Occasionally I might have something deep and meaningful to say, you never know.

Cheers mind