Bath timeĀ 

Just casually running a bath at 3:20am! 

This third trimester has not been kind on the old sleep. My back and hips cannot cope with being led or sat down for any period of time. The only relief is water. So early am baths it is. Hope the NSH hasn’t woken up.


He is actually home I feel like a fraud

The point of me being a nightshift widow is that the night shift husband be working the nightshift so I am alone and can blog in peace! He has only gone and got poorly. So all my nightshift widowy plans go out the window and I have had to converse and be civil and not watch crap TV.

Nightshift widowing will hopefully recommence as normal soon.

Hi by the way.

I am 29, pregnant, working full time (mostly from home), living in a house which is about a quarter of a way to being a home.

The husband in question is a good un really. And, poor bloke, works 4 nights a week while I sit and twiddle my thumbs or teach Bob AKA Snoop Bobby Dog to roll over.

On the off chance something exciting happens or I have a thought and telling Bob is just not good enough, I thought I might blog about it.

Expect blog posts to be short and most probably pointless. Occasionally I might have something deep and meaningful to say, you never know.

Cheers mind